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Neighbourhood News: Showcasing South Delta Businesses + Lifestyle

Interview with Mallory & Andrew Richards Owners of Good Hound Training & Daycare

Posted on Apr 19, 2020

If every workday started with a wet-nosed greeting and sloppy kisses from a lovable dog, there would be no bad days.
That’s reality for Mallory and Andrew Richards of Good Hound Training and Daycare. The business has developed over the past three years into South Delta's only storefront dog daycare and training facility. Sharing a mutual love for an...

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Interview with Jason Kovacs Vice President of Swim Blue Pools and Hot Tubs

Posted on Apr 03, 2020

Growing up with a swimming pool has had a lasting impact on Jason Kovacs, Vice President of Swim Blue Pool and Hot Tubs. With South Delta’s pool experts Steve and Linda Kovacs as parents and fond memories of backyard shenanigans and competitive swimming, a career in the family-owned business was a natural choice. Jason joining the company a few yea...

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Interview with Anna & Mike Owners of Lady Bug'z Lifestyle Assistant 

Posted on Apr 02, 2020

Anna Erickson worked as a healthcare professional in independent living for a decade before launching her own venture: Ladybug'z Lifestyle Assistant. After experiencing struggles with the level of care that she witnessed in some areas of her industry, she decided to make a difference by setting her own standards. Ladybug'z has truly been a labour o...

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Interview with Erik Mathany - Owner of Inbox 15b in Tsawwassen

Posted on Mar 09, 2020

I spoke to Erik about Inbox15b a fantastic co-working space in Tsawwassen. 

Tired of working alone at home? Need a professional space to meet clients? Check out for more details.

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Interview with C.H.O.P.  Studio's owner Jordan Field!

Posted on Mar 09, 2020

Jordan Field Owner of C.H.O.P. Studios in Ladner B.C. shares what he has been up to at the studio, introduces his new music theory teacher Ann Matterson (Assistant Director), and let's us in on what the studio will be offering the community in the fall and into the future. Want to learn how to sing? Need to learn how to read music? Need a space to...

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Interview with a local business owner:  Camille's Boutique & Gallery

Posted on Mar 09, 2020

So grateful to have a chance to sit down with Camille! Come and check out her Boutique & Gallery showcasing many local artists and unique product lines. Camille’s is located in the heart of Ladner Village at 4876 Delta Street.

Click the link to watch the video interview and find out more about what Camille has in store!

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