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Step Back in Time with Style: MCM Avenue

MCM Avenue storefront

Featuring: Mike Azevedo, MCM Avenue (website currently a work-in-progress)

"Everyone in South Delta is so friendly and open. And I just love getting on the bus and hearing every person, even teens and kids, say, “Thank you,” to the bus driver. It's very much about community and supporting each other.”

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Often described as being like Dan Levy’s beloved Schitt’s Creek character David Rose, Mike Azevedo lives for storytelling and making others laugh. While he’s earnest and genuine when talking about how much he loves the Tsawwassen community, he insists he’s trying not to sound too much like a Hallmark movie (only with better acting, of course). Born and raised in Montreal, Mike moved to New York City with dreams of dazzling on the silver screen before eventually settling on the west coast and starting a family with his husband. Now a dad to two twin boys — and two dogs — the busy entrepreneur made another dream a reality when he opened MCM Avenue, a store that showcases mid-century modern decor and design, men’s apothecary, books, gifts, and more. With an eclectic mix of new items, replicas, and unused vintage pieces, there’s a specialty item to satisfy every taste at Mike’s chic and colourful store. He extends a warm welcome to anyone looking to browse, buy, and share personal stories.

dressed in black, Mike Azevedo stares at the camera
Can you tell us about your professional background? 

I've always had a creative side; I started out as an actor, which I pursued until I reached my early forties. I moved to Vancouver from New York 25 years ago and became a full union member, but it got to the point where I wanted more. I then took on a different role where I got married, had a family, and became a stay-at-home dad. My twin boys are almost eight now, and when I’m not at MCM, I focus on my family and our two dogs. I don’t have any staff; I do everything myself, from admin and purchasing to running the store Thursday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. And we’re open every day in December, because that’s the time to shop! Life is pretty busy, but happy-busy.

What inspired you to open MCM Avenue?

I've always been fascinated with the style of the fifties and sixties, kind of like the Mad Men aesthetic. Before my husband and I had kids, we vacationed in Palm Springs for about 20 years and that's when it all started. I took a modernism tour and just fell in love with the architecture, the style. I’d always dreamed of running my own business and with my acting career on hold, I missed interacting with people one-on-one. The Portuguese side of me loves to tell stories and connect, so when we finally found what felt like the perfect space in April 2023, I took a chance. It took about nine months to come together because of sourcing the inventory, and that's when MCM (which stands for mid-century modern) Avenue came to life. I designed the logo and store signage, which took a few months to go through city permitting because it’s so huge. After the sign went up, people were trying to guess what was coming to the space. Many thought it was going to be a retro diner because the sign looks very fifties when it’s all lit up. It was fun that created so much buzz before we opened on October 12th in 2023. 

What can a customer expect when they enter the store?

Being in the store feels like you're in Palm Springs! It's very bright, spacious, and vibrant. Locals have been calling it the “happy place” — it makes people smile. The reception has been really positive because Tsawwassen is very small; it's all about community and supporting each other, especially small businesses. People come in and they don't know what to expect, so they’re curious and want to know more. As they walk through the space it's like a trip down memory lane, and it feels like a museum because of the way everything’s displayed: very minimalist with clean lines. One thing that's different about the store is the Christmas trees I leave up all year and decorate seasonally. We just switched to pink trees with lights for spring. Beginning in June, I'll be changing them to rainbow Christmas trees to celebrate Pride. This is a queer-owned space, so it’s important to me to show support for the LGBTQ+ community. 

MCM Avenue store layout (interior)
What kinds of items do you sell?

We focus on decor, design, coffee table books, and we've also got some unique, authentic pieces like glass, tableware, and barware from Italy from the fifties and sixties, all unused. And then we have a whole section for kids with games and classic toys going back to early Fisher Price, and books like Madeline and Peter Rabbit. 90% of my product sourcing is from Europe, then the other 10% is from California. We have a whole section of men's apothecary items, including candles, beard care products, cologne… stuff like that. It's something that's lacking here in South Delta. We also have specialty items like replicas of Jeff Koons’ famous balloon dog sculpture, Kit-Cat Klocks, Portuguese painted roosters, martini shakers shaped like rockets, and vintage Barbies still in their boxes. It’s a real eclectic mix! Everything we carry is based on quality, not quantity, and more on the high-end side. Eventually the goal is to bring in some mid-century modern furniture too. In terms of decor design, there was just so much style and glamour back then, so I’m bringing back that classic vibe with a focus on high quality. 

MCM Avenue display shelvesWhat do you enjoy most about running your own business?

Sharing personal stories and connecting with the community in a space where people can just be themselves. I didn't necessarily lose myself when I was at home raising my kids, but now I feel like I’ve found what I'm creative and passionate about. It's a new chapter in my life, and I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth. With the economy now, opening a small business is hard, but you know what they say: it takes time. And it's been steady, so I can't complain so far. I guess I've done something right because the community has really embraced MCM and that's been really nice. A lot of older people come in and tell stories about growing up, way before Netflix and cell phones. I sell vinyl records and turntables that have a mid-century aesthetic, so that brings back these magical moments when we used to spend time sitting by the record player and listening to music — at least when we weren’t outside causing trouble! When people buy something, there's usually a story that goes with it.

What do you love about living in South Delta?

I've always lived in cities, but it wasn't until we had kids that I got a little bit jaded. Me and my husband, who’s from the Okanagan, wanted to base ourselves in a smaller community and buy a house with a backyard. Everyone here’s so friendly and open. And I just love getting on the bus and hearing every person, even teens and kids, say, “Thank you,” to the bus driver. I really like that. It sounds like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood or Mr. Dressup but it’s very much about community and supporting each other. Everyone here takes care of their lawns and they're all about making their own jam and such — it's just that type of place. When we moved here, I was wishing someone would knock on my door and present me with a tuna casserole, but it never happened! It’s gotten so much busier in the last seven years, which is great for small businesses like ours. There’s so much beautiful nature in South Delta too — the only thing we’re lacking is a theatre!

MCM Avenue logo

Connect with MCM Avenue on Facebook, visit their website (currently a work-in-progress), or pop into the store at 1131 56 St, in Tsawwassen!

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