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The Hybrid Mom

To those stay at home moms that scream at me to “Slow Down”!!! (Hands moving up and down as I drive by in my convertible) while their 2 yr old is biking in the middle of the road not a care in the world, and they sip on their coffee out of a regular mug. How do they do it? Am I the only one that cannot get around with a ceramic mug without spilling everywhere? 

And to the career moms that are 10 mins late picking their kids up from school, packing lunchables, feeling ashamed because you can’t drive to any of the field trips, and training your kids to know the proper etiquette when on a “work call” (which happens to be all the time).  Do you know how stressful it is when one of their friends gets into the car and they do not know the concept of a “work call”?  The entire time you are n a phone meeting, little Tommy is chatting away in the background while you wave wildly to your child to advise the friend what a “work call” means.  

I am both of you moms. I went from PAC President to my family eating pre-made delivered meals (about the equivalent in size and taste of a microwave dinner)  for 6 months straight. Great unintentional diet plan, with a side effect of hatred for life. 

I focused on my career so much that when I couldn’t make a dinner without burning it I knew that I was off balance. I have come to realize that success in life is living a balanced fulfilling life.  Success in my career is helping others.  To be able to offer quality service, personal relationships, and genuine care I need to first make sure that I have taken care of myself. 

My current passion project is a support group tailored to women that compliment my business focus. This ladies meet up is more than just a networking opportunity and a chance for women to share their trials, tribulations and success stories; it’s a place to get together and make new friends, enjoy some ‘me time’ and, most importantly, a way to hold yourself accountable to living a balanced life. It’s a periodic reminder to go forward into the next month without losing yourself, as we tend to do. 

The first gathering will be held at my house in Tsawwassen from 7-9 p.m. on Thursday, September 28th. The lifestyle-focused meetups will vary on topic but will often touch on physical and mental health, family, business, hobbies, and interests.For more information on the gatherings click here

Join me on my mission to "Live a Lfe you Love" 

Xo -Jen